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Prospect Analysis Of Water Reducing Agent

Upstream water reducing agent costs are expected to fall sharply, and naphthalene products, rising costs, concrete power of enterprise use of polycarboxylates will increase water reducer alternative is expected to accelerate in the second generation.

Technology and funds became poly carboxylic acid enterprise development of key poly carboxylic acid Department reduction agent process is divided into synthesis, and complex distribution, and application three a stage, which solution compatible sex problem of application stage is most core of process; currently completely master independent development synthesis route, and application of enterprise not over 10 home; for most reduction agent enterprise,, solution compatible sex problem, and design out better of formula became restricted they development of bottleneck; reduction agent of role and prospects analysis obtained results is rose space is big.

Due to the reducing agent enterprise to consuming large amounts of liquidity, generally sales revenue of 100 million needed 20 million liquidity support, plenty of normal business activity of enterprises need liquidity support; with cash advantage Enterprise expansion capabilities than no cash advantages of enterprises.

Currently various enterprises at the same level within the industry; acclimatized foreign enterprises, enterprises are still in the local application stage, did not break through the provincial geographical constraints to development.

Analysis of effect of water reducing agent as well as the prospect of future development will achieve unprecedented results of the reducing agent.