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Problems Of Market Of High Performance Water Reducer Concrete

With high-performance of high performance concrete technology development and pollution-free. With comb-shaped molecular structure of polycarboxylic series of superplasticizer for their rate high, good slump, volume is low, pollution-free, the retarded time and low cost high performance suitable for preparation of ultra-high-strength concrete, high fluidity and high strength self compacting concrete, becomes the focus of concrete admixtures research and development at home and abroad. Concrete admixtures concrete water reducers are used most widely, using the largest one.
WDN poly carboxylic acid high performance reduction agent into China market, WDN poly carboxylic acid high performance reduction agent of main raw materials has not saturated acid, as Malay anhydride, and Malay acid and acrylic, and methyl acrylic, can aggregate of carboxylic acid, poly chain en base hydrocarbon, and ether, and alcohol, en base material, polystyrene sulfonate or ester and (methyl) Acrylic salt, and ester, and benzene II phenol, and propylene n amine,, synthesis method General has can aggregate monomer directly copolymer, and aggregate Hou function of method and in situ aggregate and received branch, several.
Worth thinking of is concrete plus agent, antifreeze agent, pump sent agent, reduction agent, speed gel agent, introduction gas agent, poly carboxylic acid reduction agent currently China away from industrialization application also has quite big of gap, many abroad big of reduction agent manufacturers site tried to wants to occupy China market, thus we must increased on new polymer reduction agent of research, to in concrete plus agent market competition in the in favourable status.