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Dynamic Analysis Of Monomer Of Polycarboxylic Acid Water Reducer Market

Raw material: domestic ethylene oxide continues to fall some time ago, declined in about 7%; only region in North China has yet to announce pricing, other areas have already been settled. Current fundamentals remain weak, Wang group, and Shanghai petrochemical will resume production, supply side pressures him EO headed downwards ahead.

Fundamentals: EURUSD monomers of poly carboxylic acid water reducing agent in China market. Current manufacturers of on-demand procurement of raw materials and raw materials, steady demand for monomer, the market's overall trading atmosphere light, carefully followed up.

Related products: domestic market narrow consolidation of poly carboxylic acid water reducing agent in the near future, construction industry average consumption of raw materials and raw materials, the market's overall negotiating atmosphere light. Short-range water reducing agent runs or temporary stability in the market.

Prediction: EO continue to face downward pressure due to raw material and the single market under pressure to continue; some factories are still in a State of destocking, market prices is very obvious; now at a loss, factories mood instability, concerns material movements.