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Construction Project/Building Materials Show In Indonesia

Our company attended Construction Project/Building Materials Show in Octomber 25-29th, 2013 in Indonesia, during the exhibition we met with many customers from Asia, such as Jakarta, Philippines, Singpore, Vietnam and so on, they interested in our superplasticizers, high-performance water reducer and other concrete admixtures, including polycarboxylate ethers(PCE), naphthalene sulfonate(SNF), air entraining agent, pumping agent and so on, most potential buyers are chemical distributors, retailers and end-users, they brought our samples back for testing and had intention to reach orders. In these years, Indonesia is one of countries with rapid development in Asia, lots of construction project would carry on, we are not only supply our customers the best product but also the honest technical service, could solve all questions in the process of concrete applications.

As a techinical innovation company, we pay more attention to technical application, such as how to make SNF and PCE adapt to concrete well when mixing, how to adjust the viscosity of materials once put it into water, how to save cement and maintain the same strength and so on. We believe our product will promote widely in Asia areas.