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Causes And Prevention Measures Of Concrete Pump Pipe Blockage

1, pipe connection causes the pipe:

Pipe connection error could easily lead to blocking. Take over should be guided by the following principles:

Piping arrangement should be based on the shortest distance, minimum and maximum elbow the elbow pipe to minimize transmission resistance, will reduce the possibility of blocking.

At the pump outlet tube, no elbow directly, or at least access 5mm after the straight pipe, and elbow.

Pump took over in the Middle, only added one at a time, and water lubricate the pipe inner wall, side-by-side to make the air, otherwise easily cause blocking.

Vertically down the pipeline, the outlet should be installed security segregation unit to prevent plugging.

When high level pumping, horizontal and vertical pipe length should be not less than the length of the 15%, and should be in a horizontal line in the access line cutoff valve. Downtime of more than 5min, the valve should be closed, to prevent back lead to blocking. When horizontal-vertical 90 degree elbows, bend radius should be larger than 500mm.

2, caused by the segregation of the concrete or mortar pipe:

Concrete or mortar when in contact with water, vulnerable to segregation. Sometimes in pump sent mortar Shi, will occurred blocking tube phenomenon, is because mortar and pipeline in the of water directly contact Hou, mortar segregation and caused of, prevention approach is: pump Qian water wet pipeline Hou, from pipeline of low will pipeline joint release, will more than water all put off, or in pump water zhihou, pump sent mortar zhiqian, into a sponge ball, will mortar and water open.

Pump when finished cleaning the piping, but also put a sponge ball, to separate water from concrete, otherwise easily cause blocking.