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Analysis Of Cement Grinding Industry's Future Development Path?

Cement grinding company in China has experienced raw material prices, labor costs, market competition after, started to truly care about their future, about grinding the development direction of the industry. So, industry is to continue to cement grinding along both directions, or to change direction properties of cement concrete additives? here, many scholars claim that the development of cement additives, and grinding of cement to additives. This is understandable. Because of China's cement industry has fully entered the market economy status, many bidding requirements when providing cement cement enterprises according to their technical requirements, these requirements are in addition to the standard set out in the user set, cement modifiers have a certain market vitality. In addition, a short history of the development of cement grinding also proves that only the grinding and enhancement of grinding almost no market, sales are very difficult, many cement enterprises submitted to the business of grinding the modified requirements. Therefore, to grinding industry developments, a lot of people want to cancel on the effect of grinding aid in cement standard provisions.

In fact, in cement grinding AIDS from the 1996 equivalent to United States standards of cement process admixture, it has allowed some modification (such as only low intensity limits). JC/T 667-2004 cement grinding, just at the time widely used in grinding the helpless mill and harmful pressure on cement performance enhancement components, cement standard and allows a larger amount of grinding cases, an increase of grinding demands and some of the performance limitations. Now, the cement has been grinding down the provisions in the standards, and increases the limit of chloride ions on the index.