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The performance advantage of poly carboxylic acid water reducing agent

Polycarboxylic series of superplasticizer in recent years appeared a new generation of high-performance water-reducing agent in the world. Compared Yu naphthalene Department, traditional of efficient reduction agent, poly carboxylic acid Department high performance reduction agent has many unique of technology performance advantage: (1) mixed volume low, reduction water rate high; (2) on concrete mix collection real of flow degrees keep sex good; (3) and cement of compatible sex good; (4) preparation of concrete contraction rate small, conducive to improved concrete volume stability and durability; (5) production and the using process in the environmental no pollution, belongs to green plus agent. Precisely to such a performance advantage polycarboxylic series of superplasticizer began extensive attention in the engineering profession in the country in recent years, many important projects already use the new water reducing agent, such as the Shanghai Maglev, the Shanghai world financial center, the Hangzhou Bay Cross-Sea Bridge, the East China Sea Bridge, Beijing yintai mansion, Beijing Capital International Airport expansion project. It can be predicted that because of these many unique performance advantages, polycarboxylic series of superplasticizer will quickly become a superplasticizer mainstream products in the market.