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Groundbreaking Admixture for Low-Viscosity Concrete

Master Builders Solutions from BASF has introduced a new state-of-the-art line of admixtures specifically engineered to combat some common challenges with concrete optimized for a lower environmental impact.

According to a press release:

With the new technology, plastic viscosity can be reduced by up to 30%, which results in a substantial reduction of pumping pressure required to pump the concrete on the construction site. Placing and finishing of the concrete is much easier, faster and hence more economic than using standard concrete. “Innovation is what drives our business. With our new products we want to meet our customers’ needs, contribute to their success and strengthen our connectedness. This is the force behind MasterEase,” says Ralf Spettmann, President Construction Chemicals ... Concrete producers and users benefit in many ways from the new technology: It is flexible and can be adapted to challenging situations such as temperature variations. Moreover, the high level of rheology and workability retention minimizes the risk of jobsite addition of water: “This is a real added value for the contractors in terms of concrete durability,” explains Jan Klügge, Head of Marketing Ready Mix Europe.

The new offering was most recently debuted earlier this month at the ERMCO (European Ready Mix Concrete Organization) Congress in Istanbul.