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Additive rate test operation

First, concrete mixer

JG3036 for the sake of a nominal capacity of 60L single-shaft compulsory mixer. Not less than 20L mixer, mixing, should not be greater than 45L.

When additive for powder, cement, sand, gravel, additives into Blender, mix, then add mixing water, mixing 2min instrument. Additives for liquids, cement, sand, stone into Blender, mix, then add mixed with additives of mixing water with stirring 2min.

After discharge, on the iron plate with artificial mix until smooth, and test again. Variety of concrete materials and environment temperature should be maintained at (20 ± 3) c.

Second, try fabrication

Concrete production and conservation in GB/T50080, concrete temperature of (20 ± 3) c.

Concrete mixes 3 batches, each batch of samples 1 times, total sample 3 of normal concrete, concrete total sample tested 3 times (test, test of three batches of the same admixture in concrete production appropriate to begin trial for a different date within the week. Comparison of normal concrete and concrete should be tested at the same time. Should examine the samples before and after testing, specimens and test results with obvious imperfections should be shed).